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Vin and Elend cosplay t
Vin and Elend by EHyde.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Vin and Elend Venture couple cosplay
jinivstheuniverse: Vin & Elend cosplay
Vin and Elend cosplay
Cool Mistborn cosplay: Kelsier, Marsh, Elend, Vin
Elend and Vin :( This picture almost made me cry.
#vin #mistborn
Vin is a former street rat of incredible power; conscripted into a plot to overthrow the Final Empire and the Lord Ruler, she winds up the symbol and driver ...
Vin & Elend - The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson
Elend Venture and Vin cosplay
Some unused Mistborn art from a while back. Elend and Vin. 19 x 28 inches, oil on board.
Mistborn - Vin and Elend :) | Brandon Sanderson Awesomeness!!!! in 2018 | Pinterest | Brandon sanderson, Books and Fantasy books
It does suit you Elend. You have grown a lot since the boy Vin first met at the ball.
Oh Elend, I'm sorry that you must live just as the world ends.
Vin and Elend
Love Story Highlight: Vin and Elend (“Mistborn”)
[TFE] our low budget Vin and Elend Cosplay that my gf and I made for the Oathbringer signing in Leeds
Dance of the Mistborn “Honestly,” Vin said, “where did you even get a book here?” “I had one of Yomen's servants fetch it for me,” Elend said.
Haven't really drawn anything in months, but listening to the Mistborn audiobooks got me drawing Vin
Kelsier and Vin [fanart]
Vin artwork by illustrator Miranda Meeks
"And what if we can't, Vin? What then?"
He didn't age well.
I have nooooooo idea what is going.on with my face but this pic is
There's something about watching a fantasy series really hit its stride. No matter how good an initial entry in a series is, there's always a fair bit of ...
This week's featured cosplay is of a Mistborn and Rosharan from Sasquan.
I drew a portrait of Vin, thought I'd share :)
Vin, from the Mistborn trilogy (x)
This is a little older (and wasn't my idea, I never even watched Sailor Moon 😅), but I guess it classifies as cosplay.
Young Vin Cosplay
Found Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Vin & Elend from Mistborn! #fanx18 #cosplay
"I will call no man friend who leads something like this against my city. What happened to your honor, Jastes Lekal?" (520)
The awesomely spectacular @kelkaycreations (as #Vin from the #Mistborn book series)
"And what if we can't, Vin? What then?"
I don't actually like this cosplay, but here it is anyways!
Fan-X 2018 was so much fun this year!! My Vin cosplay turned out really well and I got to meet Brandon Sanderson!
MCM Scotland Saturday - - So day 1 was p good! I didn't
Kaladin and Syl – Borderlands Books
I don't actually like this cosplay, but here it is anyways!
Mistborn painting I did for @cushycrate 🖤 how I miss my babies Kelsier and Vin
Sathyanarayanan Parthasarathy ( @snps13 )
Book One Elend needs more love. I will give him all the love, forever. It's just a closet cosplay, but I think it turned out really well!
[No spoilers] [Era 1] Thought you'd all appreciate the name of this beer sadly (or probably good) it wasn't blue.
#vinelend #vin #vinventure #elend #elendventure #mistbornthefinalempire #mistbornmonday #mistbornmonday #mistbornseries #mist #brandon #book ...
... Favourite couple (Vin & Elend) #septbookstagram18 @book_junkee @reverieandink @erinsummerill
Vin cosplay! Not gonna lie, I'm totally stoked about how these pics turned out.
A Steel Inquisitor using Allomancy.
Mistborn - Elend 📚 . . As I said, I found my fancast for him
I made a custom (1920x1080) wallpaper from the book cover art!
"So, by the blessing of the Survivor himself, I ask you to vote for me." (455)
#arelopenandspookcousins · I just finished "Hero of Ages", the 3rd book in the Mistborn series
matchiine: “ Mistborn doodles from lecture. From top left: Young Elend, some
Day 2 #bookqueensnov18 return of the dead. **SPOILER** I chose
I'm almost done reading The Final Empire and felt like sketching Vin. #vin #mistborn #thefinalempire #fanart #sketch #wip #inktober #brandonsanderson
A Steel Inquisitor sketch
Might as well jump in posting everything over. One of my cosplays is Vin from
I was honestly really happy with how my Vin cosplay turned out, and it was
I was thinking about Vin and had to get this out of
kelkaycreations ( @kelkaycreations )
Currently reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson :3 My favourite part in book 1 was definitely the relationship between Elend and Vin, ...
[TFE] I drew Vin being a badass
Mistborn Spoilers 18 – TFE – Chapter 14&15 Vin and Kelsier approach Kredik Shaw in the
Adolin and Shallan – Murder by the Book
Yeah I know "my" isn't spelled like that
Sadly, I haven't been able to do a Halloween inspired shoot in a looooong, loooong time. So this very dark, (not quite so) creepy image of my sister making ...
... #cosplay #halloweencostume #skeleton #mistborn #vin #brandonsanderson #jrrtolkien #silentmovie #1920 #1920sfashion #horrormovies #horror #usasnomads
Vin and Elend are ready to take on the night. @brandsanderson
"Elend: I kind of lost track of time… Breeze: For two
framecio: “Vin and Elend might be my favourites right now. ”
Vin in her Mistborn Cloak.
forcearama: runlikedavid: My Dave Filoni cosplay.
Vin and Tensoon (wolfhound form)
Dragon*Con: Vin from Mistborn! - CLOTHING
Mistborn – Orem B&N
[TFE] Vin Dancing
themiri: “ “ Elend Venture Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson Vin {X} ”
Piper Mclean ( @lady___piper )
kholinoscopy: “Shardbearer spotted at worldcon! Easily the coolest cosplay I've seen
Vin from Mistborn on her way to chop
Piper Mclean ( @lady___piper ). Vin!
Oh Elend, I'm sorry that you must live just as the world ends.
Threshold of the storm
Wspaniała! 💕💖 . . . . . //#brandonsanderson #mistborn #
well of ascension
Here is an awesome and unique character design of Vin in street urchin attire using a
Yep #mistborn #cosmere #brandonsanderson #cosmeme #crempost #vin #vinventure
#cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #
Before I knew it I always stayed up late to finish this book.
That was Vin.The bravest character that l have ever seen. #fantasybooks #
Agnes Wojtusiak ( @agniessta ) The cuter (and goofier!) photos of mine
VIN, MISTBORN #fantasy #fantasyart #steveargyle #drawing #painting #vinmistborn #
Sathyanarayanan Parthasarathy ( @snps13 )
Gysahlgreen 191 47 Mistborn: Kelsier and Elend by Gysahlgreen